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Simple Black - Free "Try & Buy" Theme

FREE! Elegant responsive PrestaShop™ theme in dark tones.

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Simple yet elegant looking theme in various dark shades of black and grayscale. This theme is based on the PrestaShop™ Default theme with preserved core engine files to ensure the exact same functionality.

This theme is fully responsive which means that it comes with a built-in version optimized for mobile devices.

Try & Buy!  Free theme available for download

This theme is supposed to be for testing purposes: should you be interested in purchasing a theme from us, we invite you to download this free theme and test its behaviour. If you are happy with it then all themes from the same series will work the same way for you. This free theme can be used in live stores (commercially) as well but in that case we ask you to keep the PrestaSkins.com reference in the footer.

Also in case you decided to use our free theme for your live/commercial store and appreciate our work, we would be thankful for your donation of any amount up to your judgement.


Included in the package:

  • theme files in the Zip archive which can be easily installed via Themeinstaller module (theme can be also uploaded manually - please refer to the installation guide)
  • easy-to-follow installation guide



  • Customer Reassurance block images with edges adjusted to match the color scheme of the theme - you can use the included images in case you are using this block - those can be uploaded in the Back-office via Admin environment (optional)
  • Based on PrestaShop Default theme
  • Layout: 3 columns (default)
  • Main colors: Black/Gray
  • Mobile view support: Yes
  • PrestaShop core files: Preserved
  • Built for PrestaShop version:
  • PrestaSkins Series: Simple
  • Simple Black preview images
    Although we do not feature the live demo preview of our templates, we still want to make sure that you have the opportunity to have a look at what you are getting from us, prior to the downloading. Please have a look at the full-size preview images of this theme.
  • Installation Guide SBK (pdf)
    Installation is straight forward but should you require any help, a detailed installation guide may come handy
  • Theme Changelog SBK (txt)
    Revision history to keep the track of the changes made to this theme